Connecting payments

We are building interoperability between European P2P mobile payment solutions.

Solving current problems

Today mobile wallets are isolated and locally focused, which means you should download a different one every time you need to send money to a friend who doesn't have yours. We believe that there won't be a global payments service for everyone but a network of connected local services, which is what we are building.

Building Wone network

We are building a standardized proxy lookup service to harmonize mobile payments within the SEPA area and brink a pan-European interoperability in P2P payments to ensure consistent user experience.

How we do it

Below are some of the core features. This is an open initiative so feel free to suggest and discuss with us on every aspect of our solution..

Secure and trusted

Secured by cryptography standards you can be sure no one can manipulate the data.


Partners can choose to use traditional settlement, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


When transferring payments between two services, both parties know for sure the value moves instantly.


The network has no single point of failure since it lives on a distributed network of computers

Tamper proof

Every published transaction and payment is irreversible and can not be changed, thus guaranteeing tamper proof usage.


A standardized proxy lookup service can help the Euro and harmonize mobile payments across Europe.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about what we do or simply say hi, if you are a developer interested in what we do, feel free to send us an email or give us a call.